If you want to know the trend of Korean fashion, pay attention to Jungkook!

Who is the best-dressed member of BTS? All have great style. But as everyone already knows, you could call it Jungkook. When he wears it, it quickly becomes out of stock. Even if you want to buy, you have to wait days or months before you can buy it. I ranked Jungkook's outfits, which were prepared at the Hallyu Mart, which were controversial.

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9 thisisneverthat Sweater

Picture: Owner


In the video uploaded to BTS on May 25th, 2021, Jungkook is wearing it and practicing dance. All the ARMYs were fanatic, and Jungkook's clothes were sold out soon. Inquiries from ARMYs for restocking were pouring in. This is a costume that showed Jungkook's influence.





8 lamodechif all eyes on me sweatshirt

Picture: Owner

It is a Lamod Chief brand that has entered the Shilla I'Park duty free store because of Jungkook. Lamod Chief, a fashion brand that Jungkook likes to wear, said, "BTS Jungkook wore our Lamod Chief product, and as a result, our order volume has recently skyrocketed. In response to this hot interest, Lamod chief said, "To repay Jungkook and ARMYs, we donated a portion of the proceeds to an infant group that we regularly support."





7 LE2 skateboard sweatshirt

Picture: Owner

July 28 20 Run Bts In 보물을 찾아서 ep110 This is LE2 Sweatshirt, a brand that became a fire when BTS wore it as a group. Plain but stylish, it is popular with both men and women. This was also unavailable for a while due to out of stock, but now available! 



6 D.Prique layed shirt

Picture: Owner

BTS Jungkook was on fire when he wore a 'D.Prique' Shirt and 'Laul' pants in a boy with luv. This is a layered shirt that has become a bestseller in Hallyu Mart. Check out the music video here!





5 Diamond Layla Layla check shirt 


Picture: Owner


It is called the daily shirt of many Korean celebrities such as BTS Jungkook and Mamamoo, and has been gaining popularity both at home and abroad. In addition, products that have been steadily loved since their launch in 2018, such as entering the best-selling rankings at Musinsa, can be found at Hallyu Mart. 





4 ONA It Just My Hoodies

Picture: Owner m.net korea

 Hoodie with a point on the back
ONA Hoodie that was once very popular, but unfortunately it is not available now.





3 Laul Tripple Cargo Pants

Picture: Owner

Jungkook's airport fashion is paying attention to people around the world. Among them, the pants of this brand are the best-selling pants that have been selling steadily even after several years, with an explosion of interest from ARMYs around the world. Also, it was worn in boy with luv dance practice video for small things and caused a fire. Jungkook's Cargo Pants Raul is still on sale.




2 BTS x Fila Dynamite Sweatshirt

Picture: Fila Korea

The most popular Sweatshits in the Fila x BTS Dynamite edition were initially sold in pastel mauve color, so you had to wait two months after making a reservation to receive them. But if you order now, you can ship immediately! On sale!




1 23.65 V2 Multi color shoes

Picture: MK 스포츠

These are the hottest shoes in Jungkook's airport fashion. The 23.65 CEO even sent a thank-you letter to the ARMYs as the number of orders exploded as Jungkook of BTS put on the shoes by chance. It's been a few years, but they're still very popular ugly shoes.



It's great that the years have passed and it's still popular. We will be with you with the latest information. If you like the content, please share.

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