I want to start off by thanking Hallyumart, Kpopq and all the staff involved in creating and handling this amazing website and giving people the opportunity to try out such amazing products for free! It is amazing how you are sending boxes of happiness even during a pandemic and making people happy during these tough times! 🥰

I got the opportunity to test and try the 23.65 V2 Multi Color JK Sneakers. So here's my honest take on the shoes:

First of all, the package sent by Hallyumart was shipped by DHL express and it arrived to me in just 2 days! They even provided me with a tracking number. I am really impressed by the prompt delivery service and the packing. They even gave me a Taehyung Fila photocard freebie🥺💜


Now on to the shoes:

My shoe size is somewhere between a UK 6.5 and UK 7 so I ordered a 7 to be safe and they fit me like a glove! There was a little extra space too so it was pretty comfortable. The shoes have a multicolored design which makes them look so beautiful, although their other variants look equally attractive too! Theys also have a multi colored shoelace which liven up the pair of shoes! The shoes come with an extra white shoelace too incase you wish to change them. The backside of the shoes even has a smile logo which is actually so adorable and cute!

The upper part of the shoes is made of leather and thus it can get dirty if you don't take care of it so that is something one should be careful about. As for the weight, contrary to their appearance, the shoes are actually quite light! They don't feel heavy when you walk unlike canvas shoes (which feel quite heavy after some time). They even make your feet look smaller which is great considering how most shoes tend to make my feet look really big. Since the shoes have a chunky sole, it enhances your height and makes you taller too!  

These shoes are actually running shoes so they're incredibly comfortable. The material is breathable and not constraining and it doesn't get too hot inside after wearing them for long. I wore these for a day out to see how well they functioned after your feet get tired. After some 5 to 6 hours of walking around and window shopping, my feet didn't hurt as much as they do in other shoes. Other shoes (especially canvas shoes) tend to have flat soles which start paining after a while, but 23.65 shoes have sort of cushiony soft soles, so it feels like you're walking on a cloud and it isn't as bad on your feet. 

Summing up, I think these are, by far, one of the best pair of shoes I own. They're comfortable, lightweight and have a great color code which can be paired with almost all sorts of outfits! Seeing as how Jungkook only ever wears clothes that are comfortable and the fact that he wore these shoes multiple times before, is a great testimony for their quality. I highly recommend these shoes and Hallyumart's service and I hope more people can buy them!







( P.S. if you have any questions, feel free to ask them! )


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April 29, 2021 — Kevin Roh
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