Design was beautiful! I knew it would look good in a variety of styles.

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We are all living in unprecedented times and this opportunity is something that I truly cherish. I'd like to give my utmost gratitude to HallyuMart & KPOPQ for giving me the chance to be one of their fashion testers. It has always been a dream of mine to receive items and get to review them (especially products from Korea). Seriously, you guys made one of my dreams come true!

정말 감사합니다 

Now, I originally was supposed to get the BTS x Fila Voyager collection Zama Shine black sneakers when I got picked. However, due to unavailability of stock or my size (I told them that my Filas were size EUR 41 ㅋㅋㅋ ) I was sent a different item. Megacoffee immediately messaged and informed me about the situation. I told her I was more excited since whatever I would be getting would now be a surprise!

The shipment was handed over to DHL on the 28th of December and it arrived in the Philippines after only 2 days! Talk about the spirit of Korean 빨리빨! SPEEDY GONZALES! A tracking number was provided and up to date details were readily available. Unfortunately, it wasn't forwarded to my address soon enough since it was already the holidays and most deliveries were expected to be delayed. To my surprise, the deliveryman came in the morning of January 2.


I opened the package the next day after receiving it. That's some will power right there 🤣


A reminder from BTS x Fila printed on the box 💯


When I opened the shoe box the first thing I noticed was that there was a photo of Jungkook included.


I proceeded to move the Fila print paper covering the shoes to reveal them and both me and my sister exclaimed in unison, "Ay! Ang ganda~" which means "OMG! So beautiful/ 어머! 예쁘다". I kid you not, we uttered those words with big sparkling eyes ㅎㅎ


The moment I laid my eyes on the shoe tongue I knew it was definitely from the Fila x BTS Voyager collection. It had a purple astrological sign printed on it and LIBRA written. I was positive it was BTS' Jimin's zodiac sign since his birthday falls on October.





The shoes were a bit big on me upon initial fitting without socks but they didn't slip off.

First impressions after inspecting the shoe's external features:

👟 The material feels very comfortable and fits like a sock!

👟 Super lightweight! Dare I say feather like? LOL.

👟  Design was beautiful! I knew it would look good in a variety of styles.

👟 Color combination is excellent! Neutral because the shoe is a mix of grey hues but with a pop of purple which I very much appreciated! BORAHAE 💜


Good shoes, take you to good places.

The next day, I planned a quick hike at a nearby bamboo eco park to test out the shoes. Here are a few of my photos from our trip trying to showcase my new babies 





Impressions after walking and hiking using the shoes:

👟 They fit snugly even though they are probably a half size or a full size larger than my actual shoe size. Fantastic fit!

👟  The material adapts well to your feet and is extremely breathable.

👟 The colorway is definitely stylish (I'd suggest pairing it with denims and dark colored pants).

👟 The shoe provides excellent cushioning. As I was hiking up I felt like there was a bounce to my steps while I was moving forward.

Our feet deserve a lot of loving and I believe these celestial sneakers are a wise choice when you need shoes for a whole day of walking, a quick run or even for workouts. Hallyumart has several other colorways available so go check them out now! (I'm contemplating on getting the darker colored one because I share Namjoon & Jungkook's sign which is Virgo).

I really enjoyed reviewing this item and hopefully I get another opportunity in the future~

Also, my sister helped me do a quick unboxing video which will be available on my channel this week and I'm planning to do a video review too (please send me some love and check them out. Just search rheadoo on Youtube and if you feel like it please do subscribe as well 🙏).


Fashion Tester: Rheadoo
Instagram: @rheadoo

April 24, 2021 — Kevin Roh

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