It can be difficult to find the right shoe size without trying them on, but this article tells how you can use the online store's size chart to make sure that you're getting the best fit for your feet.

What to consider when buying shoes online

When buying shoes online, think about the size. Is this a shoe that will be comfortable and stay with you long? Will it be shoes that are made well and that are durable? You should also consider the style of the shoes.

Are they something you want to wear every day or will they be a special occasion item? You should also consider the quality of construction. Are you buying shoes that will last?

This is a bit more difficult if you are buying shoes online, but you need to do your best to see if the shoes are well made, whether they have good quality construction and if they will stand up to everyday wear. Shoes with a lot of padding will not be good for casual styles, so you should consider this.

Are you buying shoes that are too small? This is a very common problem when buying shoes online, especially if they are brand new. You should make sure you get the right fit .

By far the most important factors are comfort and quality. You need to make sure that the shoes you choose will allow you to walk comfortably and will provide good long-term wear.

How to find the right size for your feet

When shopping for shoes, it's important to know your size. To get the best possible fit, it's a good idea to measure the length and breadth of your foot.

A common measurement for sizing is the shoebank—the distance from the heel of your foot to the end of your longest toe. Shoe sizes vary from brand to brand, but when searching for a new pair, you can use these general guidelines

Women's US Shoe Sizes Choose a size that is one whole number larger than your normal shoe size. For example, if you normally wear a 7.5, choose an 8.

Men's US Shoe Sizes Choose a size that is one whole number larger than your normal shoe size. For example, if you normally wear a 9, choose a 10. For men with wide feet or high arches, it's best to select a half-size larger.

Buyer’s guide

Shoes are a personal item, so we have a list of recommendations for different styles and brands. These recommendations come from our professional shoe sizers and people who have worn these shoes before, who will help you find the right size.

Tip. Very easy Korean shoe size conversion formula to US size
Korean shoe size ---> US shoe size

Women's Shoes abc= a+b.c+1= USsize
eg. Korean 255 size= 2+5.5+1=  Womens US8.5

Men's Shoe ABC= A+B.C= USsize
eg. Korean 275 size= 2+7.5= Mens US9.5




Please refer to the shoe box you usually wear or the inside of the tongue to find your Korean size. KR, JP, CN If you find and calculate the parts written like this, you can help find your shoe size, and it is also helpful to review the reviews of the buyers who bought the shoes first.



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