[Closed] 1st Hallyumart Giveaway -BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes | HALLYU MART

[Closed] 1st Hallyumart Giveaway -BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes

June 09, 2017

Hallyumart Giveaway -BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes


puma bog sock




We start the event to give you pleasure by your support. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to join! This event is going to continue in the future. Tell your friends!

-Prize: 1 BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes
-Value:  US$ 130
-Period: Now ~ June. 16 12:00am (KST)



*How to Win (you can do it!)

1. Join our shop
2. Follow our IG,FB 
3. Share this post to your IG FB or Blog
4. Leave a Comment (require)

Good Luck to you!  Cheers! ^^


It is finally today :)

Hello! Today is the day of the lottery. However, I ordered a lottery machine for a fair lottery today. I think the lottery will arrive on Saturday. so we will extend the period until the lottery machine arrives. Many people are waiting for the lottery, but we have decided for a fair lottery. Please wait a little longer! ^^ Good luck to everyone!

Share & Comment!

Congraturations!  Number 26  ( Kimberly )



You have waited a long time.
35 people were submitted for the event.

The first giveaway winner is number 26  kimberly.
Congratulations.!!!! clap! clap! clap

Do not be disappointed if you do not win the event.
Please challenge again next time!

We will also send coupons via e-mail to all those who have applied for the event.

Please continue to participate in our 2th giveaway event
Please love Hallyumart a lot.
Thank you all.





Jo said:

Trustworthy shop with great products

Violeta Aurelia

Violeta Aurelia said:

Already do all rules :)
wish me luck ^^ hope can win this shoes


kailey said:

you’re an amazing person


Gabrielle said:

I hope I win wish me luck :)

Jennifer Tran

Jennifer Tran said:

Thank you for this generous opportunity! I’ve been keeping an eye on these shoes for a long time but never had the money to get them. Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough, good luck to everyone entering! ?


Anis said:

Hi thanks for having this giveaway, i hope i can win this extra + ordinary giveaway. I really wanna win this precious ?✨ i hope you make my dream comes true ?


Anis said:

My facebook name is nurul anis & ig kookiennie. I hope you notice me ? i already followed all the rules

sabrina rahman

sabrina rahman said:

Hi! I don’t know if I can win this giveaway or not as I’m not a lucky person. So I just going to have faith that I will win this giveaway. Thank you give this opportunity as I’m not some rich kid. I always have NY eyes on this shoes but I will never can afford this as it so expensive ?. One more time thanks for this giveaway!

Maria Gomez

Maria Gomez said:

Thanks for such a wonderful opportunity..
I hope to win them, love how the white ones look on Jimin. It would be nice to have the same ones. ????


Kimberly said:

Thank you so much for doing this~ I was looking for these shoes for a while and I can’t get it from Korea so I decided to go online and found you guys and you also happen to be having a giveaway for it so thank you so so so so so so so so so so so much! I wish the best of luck to everyone else~

Jasmine Kira

Jasmine Kira said:

Thanks for holding this giveaway!! I hope I can win!! ???


Jaime said:

Thank you for this opportunity! May the Dope winner be blessed by the lovely shoes that can become WINGS to whoever wears them.


Yacksok said:

Thank you for this amazing giveaway! Hopefully the DOPEst Army wins !


Mira said:

Thanks for this giveaway. Im looking for that shoes for a while now. But bam. U do this giveaway. I never feel so happy in my entire life. I wish I have my luck


Kelly said:

Thank you for the giveaway! Broke people like me really appreciate it.


winnie said:

done following on ig, liking page on fb and sharing on fb ^ hope to win! ^


Yasmin said:

Thank you for making this giveaway. I’ve always been dreaming to own this shoes but I cant afford it. It will be the best gift if i win this marvellous shoes and it will be dope to have a matching shoes with BTS ☺️ I’ve followed all the rules. My ig is @chungiah and my fb is Wan Yasmin. I hope the best for the others too.


Jess said:

Thank you for this amazing opportunity! Love BTS :)


KimNZ said:

Done ? Hope I get to win.Thanks for hosting the giveaway ~~ ?♥?

Sophie Ng

Sophie Ng said:

Thank you so much for holding a giveaway like this. I really want a pair but I know I can’t afford it. I’ve loved BTS from the start and I really want a pair of shoes that they had endorsed. I really hope to win this pair. I’ve followed on insta (username: xxphiexx) and I’ve liked and followed on Facebook (name: Sophie Ng). I’ve also shared on Facebook too! Really hope to win this! It’ll be a dream come true ?


Karae said:

i’ve liked, followed your ig and fb ! i reposted on my ig account @karae___
good luck everyone !!
Can’t wait to try your shoes and review them !!


Bianca said:

my friend and i entered your giveaway since we feel like you’re trustworthy,
thank you for this giveaway as always, i’ve followed all the rules,, my ig is @bts.exclusive and my fb is bibi racine. i’ve reposted on both instagram and facebook.
good luck !

Spicher Marina

Spicher Marina said:

Thank you so much for this giveaway ?
I wanted to buy them so bad but can’t afford them ?
It’s a good opportunity for us timo win this amazing shoes, hope i can win them ?
I’m a french ARMY, love them ?


Agathe DUPRAT said:

thank you for this giveaway!! love you!!!
fb; Agathe DUPRAT

Kathrina Herrera

Kathrina Herrera said:

Thank you for this giveaway!!!! You rock ??


Kesel said:

I dont usually sign up for give aways, because Im very skeptical and am paranoid that I might get mugged, but my friend signed up so I’ll have faith and sign up as well lol

andrea leaff

andrea leaff said:

honestly these shoes look sick asf , ya’ll deserve this promo . I would buy theme but i’m so broke i only buy shoes every two years.
insta/ @andrealeaff
fb : andrea lopez
good luck everyone

Geovanna Vela

Geovanna Vela said:

I really dig these shoes, and it’s high time I got some new ones. Really hoping for the best.! KAEP JJANG!!


Eden said:

All done! I adore these shoes! They look amazing


EXIDFanboy said:

Hii I did it all :D
Thank you for the giveaway!! <3


Yazmin said:

Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!!

Cassandra M

Cassandra M said:

BTS!! It would be soo awesome to win these shoes!!! Cool giveaway!!


Anne-Sophie said:

Thank you for the giveaway!! These shoes look awesome!


Ela said:

I followed and shared everything and reposted on ig !
Thanks for the giveaway !!


SH said:

Thank you for the giveaway!! Love it so muchh!


Malek said:

هذه الاحذية تبدو رائة 😍😍😍😍


Malek said:

هذه الاحذية تبدو رائة 😍😍😍😍


Douae said:

Love bts love chose love


Aya said:

Omgg is this real ❤❤❤❤❤


Aya said:

Love you bangtan💗💗💗saranghiyooo


Aya said:

Much love bts😍😍soo excited


Aya said:

Oooh thank youu soo much 😍😍😍😍


Aya said:

Love all the members 💜i purple u 😂😍💜💜💜💜

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