3rd Giveaway | BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes | HALLYU MART

3rd Giveaway | BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes

3rd Giveaway | BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes

July 11, 2017


3rd Giveaway | BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes 

Period: Today ~ July 31
Winner Announcement: August 3
Where: Hallyumart.com


-1st place: Puma BOG Sock Shoe 1pair


How to win:

- Leave something you want to say about this shoe below
- The winner becomes a person who has a lot of vote ups.
  (You can ask your friends for help.)

- Join our store and IG FB (Required)


3rd Winner is MIMI Congratulations!



Serina said:

I really am just doing this to get my friend something they like for their birthday cause I don’t want to get them something horrid especially when they treat my like their sister.

Pau joy

Pau joy said:

I love BTS but i am broke😢😢 i can’t sacrife my payment for my tuition just to buy what i want like for example kpop merch😢 i really want to win. Please give me this oppurtunity. Love thanks. More sucess to their website love lots😘


Noor said:

Hi , Im noor ..
Yesterday the 4th of october , was my 16th birthday , but nethier me or my freinds couldnt do anything because i have an important exams i have to do it this two weeks ! Also my parents couldnt buy a gift that is this shoes becaus its the last days in every month so they cant buy me this shoes ..
Im in a very bad mood and Im so sad that i couldnt celebrate my birthday the way i want im sure i will celebrate my birthday after a week or two but still it eill not be my birthday any more , i really want to win this giveway .. help


Aya said:

Love taehyung #i purple you💜
And i love all the other members. 💜💜💜💜💜💜


Aya said:

Fighting bangtan✊✊✊💗💗💗love from arab armys


Aya said:



Aya said:

How to win pleaase😢💕💕💕


Judith said:

Yuh! BTS and their collaborations have me absolutely (JUNG)SHOOK (☉_☉)…..These shoes look really freaking cool, but there’s just one problem..ಠ_ಠ

My Dude, I is broke-I don’t got no green$$$ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

Now don’t get me wrong my guy! I would buy these in an instant if I had some cash money swag but I found this handy dandy giveaway provided by YOU!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

My guy you already know what’s good! We about to look so fresh in these! Can’t do it without you doe(╭☞ ͌人 ͌)╭☞ (YOU)


Judith said:

Yuh! so apparently I can’t read, and uh…my guy- it closed ¯\(ツ)


Ashley said:

I love bts equally

Darqell Shearer

Darqell Shearer said:

Bog Sock Shoes promoted by BTS a very awesome group that are very likeable and have got me awestruck with how amazing their music and fashion style’s are. How can one not like what they wear and for shoes as new and stunning as these you can see why their such a hype for these shoes because army love their puma promotions and its one of the easy ways we can afford what they wear!


Nicole said:

I really love bts 💖💗 too bad for me that i dont have merch😅💗 but i still love them

Aya Bouga

Aya Bouga said:

hi i am Aya from france i love kpop from 3 years ago and i always wish to have something in my birthdray like those shoes so please help me to get it .
I will be veary thankful if you help me.

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