[Closed] Giveaway- BTS ANSWER Album 20 People Free! | HALLYU MART

[Closed] Giveaway- BTS ANSWER Album 20 People Free!

[Closed] Giveaway- BTS ANSWER Album 20 People Free!

August 24, 2018

Giveaway- BTS ANSWER Album 20 People it's free!

Please write your feelings about this album simply!
We will send an album to 20 people through the lottery.

-Period: 2018.08.24 ~ 08.30
-Winner Announcement: 8.31
-Tip: First-come-first-served basis 5 persons / lottery 15 people

Please continue to love Hallyumart in the future!

Thank you.


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Jolene said:

My feelings about this album hmmmm. This album is kinda hard to put into words. It’s beautifully made from the concept photos to the new tracks. Ahh If I were to choose a favorite track it would Trivia Love. My gosh Namjoon sounds soo amazing on this track his voice is too beautiful. If given the chance I would marry it. Sorry if I didn’t talk much about my feelings towards the album, words don’t do justice in how I feel about it.


Sowmya said:

Every new comeback shows how talented they are. In this album I could see how they are trying to be versatile with genres. The title track ‘IDOL’ has the African beats which I have never seen anyone using in the Kpop field. Apart from the title track, the whole album itself is beautiful. In my opinion, I’m fine and Answer: LOVE MYSELF is two of the most ear pleasing songs. The three TRIVIAS reflects the characteristics of the respective members. And yes, the album has all the four solos of the vocal line which adds on to the perfection. The ‘Love Yourself’ has come to an end beautifully with this lovely album.

Joshua Solley

Joshua Solley said:

What another step for mankind, the album as a whole has been beautifully orchestrated. Songs like Idol has beaten the world record for the most views in under 24 hours with 56.2 million views! What a revolutionary year for BTS and k-pop itself! Idol stood out from the others because of its african style beat and its traditional Korean setting! There were a lot of references scattered around in the video, such as the Moon rabbit (Story goes like this: There was a monkey, an otter, a jackal and a rabbit practiced charity under a full moon because it could give great rewards in return. The rabbit offered his own body, throwing itself into the fire the man had built. The rabbit was not burnt in the process, the old man revealed to be Sakra (The ruler of heaven). He was touched by this and made him the Guardian of the moon, there are a lot of events such as chuseok in which the moon rabbit is celebrated) The song was bashing haters who accused them of being fake, plastic (As in plastic face sugery) and ugly. Like the whole album suggests, the members have learnt to love themselves. They have had insecurities and critiscm, which brought them down. But now they’ve risen all the way on the top. I see an even brighter future for BTS, they’ve evolved so much in the span of 5 years. Bravo BTS, Bravo! 👏👏👏


Charm said:

BTS have yet again proved that they are versatile musicians and are always evolving their sound. The message they continue to send with this record is felt by people of all cultures, genders and ages. It truly transcends all barriers. The journey of loving yourself was explored in a raw, relatable way. They explored different sounds.. and their selection from their recent albums along with new trakcs blend seamlessly to create the story of finding love, losing it and fiding it within oneself. I will keep this record close to my heart, since it helped me learn about myself and that I am indeed the one I should love.


Eun said:

Love Yourself Albums are the collection to creativeness help spread awareness about self love 💜💕
I’m really proud to be an ARMY and to support 방탄소년단.

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson said:

The new album is so amazing and their messages inspire me and armys around the world to love ourself and enjoy life more. <3

Alexandra Fite-Clements

Alexandra Fite-Clements said:

This album, the ending of Love Yourself. I have to say that one reason I’ve stuck with this group through the years is the amazing messages they convey through their music. Including the songs on this album. The teaser track epiphany made me realize even further why it’s important to love yourself. They also have amazing talents and allow themselves to showcase it with every album. I really enjoyed the african and asian styles put into the title track. All in all, it was absolutely amazing.


Mei said:

The Love Yourself series comes to an end with Love Yourself: Answer. Every album was absolutely stunning. Every time they release new music, they never fail to amaze me. They embed so many important messages in their music, and they always get their point across. I will continue to support and love BTS for everything that they have done to others, and as well as myself. Love yourself. <3

Jaime Suwa

Jaime Suwa said:

BTS:LY Answer has portrayed the meaning of how one group can break through rumors, criticism, scandals, and hatred by learning how to love themselves. The full beauty of this album is to spread the hope of their love and success to armys. Also, most of all to prove to the world that they are not backing down and will keep persevering in their creative music that only they can make in order to touch the hearts of everyone no matter what age or gender or color. <3

Akasha Ventura

Akasha Ventura said:

I really think BTS has taken this album and helped a lot of people love themselves. This is album is very important not just to us Army but to other idols as well.


vevina said:

The love yourself : answer album really emphasizes the idea of loving yourself and it sends a great message. The title track Idol is so good and their collaboration with Nikki Minaj was bomb


Julia said:

I‘m an army for about 3 and a half years know and i really love to see this 7 beautiful and strong boys growing up. They started from the bottom and know they‘re here. I mean their song Idol has 75 mio views in 48 hours?! That‘s so awesome and i really really hope they‘ll keep on doing such great music. This new album is a GIFT it‘s like chocolate for my ears and i got addicted to all songs.

Abby Waterhouse

Abby Waterhouse said:

To be blunt and put is simply; I love it. The album is so unlike everything else they’ve done before, they manged to find a completely new way of expressing love and the process or love yourself. I’m sad that they’ve had to end the LY series, because it’s been one of the most deep and meaningful so far, but in my opinion the ending is perfect. The title track “IDOL” is pleasing to the ear nevermind the deeper meaning it conveys. The side tracks were suprising, not to mention the TRIVIA solos that we were given – but they are beyond amazing. They have not only given in an insight to the hardships and sad truth behind fame but also taught us to love ourselves, whilst in the process of loving their own selves – beautiful.


Felisa said:

The idea to make the last album a repackage was brilliant so we get the majority of the love yourself series in one and enjoy new songs as well! I still haven‘t listened to the whole album yet but can‘t wait to check it out and hear it at the concert!


Samantha said:

I love this album so much, gave me such amazing feelings and mixed emotions. Perfect ending to the Love Yourself series.


krys said:

BTS has been a major component in my life the past 3 years that I’ve been an army. This specific album has come with lots of revelations it truly expresses the talents of BTS, not only as a whole, but individually as well. From the beautiful ballad that is Epiphany to the upbeat party anthem IDOL, the boys never fail to surprise us. They just keep outdoing themselves, & their message is SO important. Especially to younger fans and to today’s society. I’m extremely proud of them & how far they’ve come. They’re my hope!


sophie said:

i love every single song of BTS and they are just the best thing ever…….i have been with them for so many years and never got the chance to go to any of their concerts because of money issues and i would love their new album for free…….i hope i win the album………thank you hallyumart


Kezia said:

This album is one that I personally find very personal and inspiring. BTS has gone down a different road, and opened our eyes to the most important form of love there is, which is to love yourself. Each song and all the different genres in this album gives me goosebumps in the best possible way, and, made have more confidence in myself and how important it is not to do things to please others. Love Yourself Answer will remain a legend!


Cloud said:

Out of all the albums, I love this one the most. BTS wrote this album for people to have better self-confidence and honestly the tracks in this album are my go to when I feel bad or blame myself and point out my own flaws. Even though this album released two days ago, it’s content honestly helped me change a lot of my negative thoughts. This week was one of my worst, but BTS’s new album really helped me feel better and gave me more confidence. I give this album 182309740/100. What I really liked was that the track genres were mixed. “Idol” was a mix of trap and pop giving a really hype, confident vibe to listeners. Each solo track was very upbeat and the lyrics were really touching. I loved the whole album and it’s now my fave.


Jenny said:

As the finale of the Love Yourself trilogy, Answer delivers new songs that are phenomenally unique, as well as some older songs that are wonderful! The entire message of the Love Yourself series is so strong and impactful, showing that the journey to truly loving yourself will be long and treacherous, yet it still ends on a beautiful note. There is no Outro to this album, only an Answer, which is to “Love Myself” BTS will remain creating meaningful messages and reaching out to those in need, and I will always be there to support them. I love BTS so much, Love Yourself: Answer will always be a shining legend!

Jae Ang

Jae Ang said:

I know I can never be lucky to win anything.
But I want everyone to know that BTS is the only artist I love not because of their physical beauty but their talent in conveying a deep message that can touch the heart of people. Even though with our language barrier, we who are non Koreans can be able to feel and understand the feelings from their lyrics and voices.

This series will forever be my favourite one. This repackaged album have been the best one of em all. Because they came a long way in telling us their stories through their songs. They are learning to love themselves and letting us know that they are already doing it through this album.

I also am trying to learn to love myself just like what they wanted us ARMYs to do. Just like this album, this is just the start of our journey together to love ourselves.

Jae Ang

Jae Ang said:

I know I can never be lucky to win anything.
But I want everyone to know that BTS is the only artist I love not because of their physical beauty but their talent in conveying a deep message that can touch the heart of people. Even though with our language barrier, we who are non Koreans can be able to feel and understand the feelings from their lyrics and voices.

This series will forever be my favourite one. This repackaged album have been the best one of em all. Because they came a long way in telling us their stories through their songs. They are learning to love themselves and letting us know that they are already doing it through this album.

I also am trying to learn to love myself just like what they wanted us ARMYs to do. Just like this album, this is just the start of our journey together to love ourselves.

Lara Arianrhod Dy

Lara Arianrhod Dy said:

This new album is very different from the recent one’s it has a very new vibe that I have to get used to it after listening a few times. It’s all great how each member have their own song, it may be an intro or trivia, they sound amazing then ever. The members worked hard for it so we, ARMY’S will work hard streaming their new album. I always believed in them and every time they release new songs it always given me a mind blown with the concept they make.

Ma. Theresa Irene Domingo

Ma. Theresa Irene Domingo said:

Love Yourself 結 ‘Answer’ is full of special and awesomely new tracks that I can’t stop listening to since it’s release! Loving oneself is indeed an intricate process. Loving your own flaws and thinking that you’re awesome regardless is such a powerful thing to do to oneself. I’m just grateful to BTS they’ve delivered another impactful title song and side tracks that everyone can relate to. This very album embodies the exact message that they want to extend not only to their fans but to everyone, for the greater good!


Filie said:

There is a huge possibility that I won’t win but I’ll still try. This album saves me, I’m not overreacting over this but it really saves me. I was losing hope actually. My friends father passed away a few weeks ago and everyrime I saw her.. I think he just left with my best friend.. Then suddenly financial problems and family problems came. I don’t know but it takes me far away.. Too busy to fix everything I forgot about myself. Then I opened twitter and for the first time I learned that they are coming back. I ignored it and just focus on everything. On Aug 25 I decided to just take a rest and take a rest forever. But before that I decided to listen to the album. Then I heard all the songs. It gives me hope. After then everytime I fall into darkness I just listen to seven sweet voice that is giving me hope… They serves as my hope every day.


Ioana said:

Indeed, this album is totally different from the other ones. Not only because of the design, but because of the message. I still remember what Namjoon said “Love myself, love yourself”. Loving your own self is the most important thing in the world. People tend to criticize all the time, even if you’re skinny or not, tall or not or black or white. We are humans, we do have flaws, but all of these flaws, even if it’s about your eyes colour, your dimple, your hair, your skin, these flaws are a part of us. And flaws can be really beautiful. Because they represent us. And we should walk straight on our path, not paying attention to bad comments that we hear all of the time. I discovered BTS an year ago but I can tell that I started to love how I look. Even if I’m not the most beautiful person in the world, but I love my heart, I love that I can help people or that I can give a helping hand to a person. Humans should help other humans. And we should love ourselves. Because, in the end, what’s matters? The fact that other people criticize what is beautiful in us or the fact that we love ourselves and we can show that we are strong and we can move on without giving a damn about others opinion? I personally think that making our path without giving a single damn about bad words that are thrown all the way can reach us to success. And humans are beautiful. Even if some of them have a big mouth. “you can’t stop me loving myself”. I may not be the luckiest person in the world, I don’t know if I could ever win this album, but I still have my hope and I hope that others can win it too.

7 0 7

7 0 7 said:

This new album has a completely different vibe, but they are still themselves and they accept themselves. No one can stop them from loving themselves, I feel the old Albums just seeping through and mixes in with this fierce confidence, I love it and will look forward to the upcoming events and songs/albums.


abbyy said:



Cassaandra said:

I never win this kind of competition but I’m doing it anyways for BTS not just because I love them but they inspired me and tought me to love myself … they’ve come so far and … all of their hard work was paid of and that made me realise to trust the process and believe in yourself


Youssra said:

I never competed for an album, but for this one I will try my luck. This album is one of the most beautiful albums BTS has produced. Not only the outside of this album, but the music inside it is gold. This album is the answer and conclusion to how and why you should love yourself. BTS taught me through their love yourself series to love myself during the time I needed to learn how to love myself. From Save me to I’m fine; I really did become someone who’s feeling just fine… BTS has been one of the few lights in my life that kept me going through the darkness I was living in. And I became their fan when the Love yourself series started. By now I can say that I genuinely love them and love myself a lot more. Maybe it’s because I never really loved something or someone this much, but the music this band produces has a lot of influence on me. This album contains lots of beautiful tracks, but all with the same message: you should love yourself. Some tracks made me cry and some made me die; some made me sing along and others made me dance. It is a conclusion I needed to understand how to love myself.
Winning this album would be amazing, but nonetheless I will keep supporting these seven amazing boys as long as I can ;))
Thanks for this amazing opportunity!


Renèe said:

Everything about this album is perfect. I’m so proud of our boys. I love the message that they’re sending, and I can really hear how they’ve grown in their talents. I’m so excited to see what they have for us in the future. Good job Bangtan!! Fighting!

Genoveva Flores

Genoveva Flores said:

THis is the best album of bts for me .Different moods and feelings have put in this album.Im so proud of bts .They’re really growing, all of them are great .

Janine Foronda

Janine Foronda said:

The Love Yourself series has been an amazing ride with BTS, they always exceed everyone’s expectations with each new concept. The ‘Answer’ album is the perfect ending to close a beautiful era. I love that it has pretty much every song from the old LYS albums as well as new songs that are so meaningful, and it’s very reminiscent of Wings because of the special solo tracks from each member where they each get to showcase their own sound that is unique to them, and of course the title track IDOL is so hype and deserves every achievement and record it will break.

Hayati Herman

Hayati Herman said:

Love yourself era has delivered so many hidden messages through the lyrics and the music videos plus BTS tells us a story about the importance to love yourself. These wonderful lyrics has made me realized that if you want people to love you for who you are, you have to love yourself first. As for me, I have trouble in believing and loving myself because I always felt that I am alone and I’m a failure. Showing my flaws or true identity to other people is beyond my capability. Anxiety and depression has became my company since years. However, after I go through their stories and I discover their messages in their lyrics, I have found the value of myself. It may sounds weird but maybe that is just how I could try to recover and start to love myself. For this album, BTS has once again made the history with their powerful message in their songs and their passion in making this album is beyond our thoughts. All their efforts through out the years really pays off and they do deserve it.


Elsie said:

I think I’m the only one who are fan of BTS but don’t have any merch or album, all I have is their photos in my phone. So this time I’ll try my luck.

Answer album is really really good. Specially, this is the last of Love Yourself series and the songs from the previous added in here, the full lenght of mic drop, ephipany, serendipity, and I’m looking forward to hear their seven new tracks. Also, the answer album has two CD’s and of course the photocards in it. So it’s so exciting. I really really love it.

Tuleaga Segi

Tuleaga Segi said:

I love this album as much as i love the boys.the concept is really fun and i wish they would create more songs with a fun and upbeat concept.this album just makes me wanna get up and dance all night.love yourself:answer is my favourite album right now and i (j)hope you’ll pick me.

Felina Lepel

Felina Lepel said:

I love this album and especially the entire Love Yourself series. The message is really important and definitely helps understand fans how important self love is through the lyrics and interviews. The music, as always, is really beautiful and especially in this album the songs are very different from one another, which I love. With their growing success I find it important that they do spread a message, although it’s okay to have catchy music without a message. I just love, that they use their popularity for spreading a good ideoligy. So, all in all, it’s a really good album and absolutely worth getting, whether it be through a giveaway or buying it :p
Thank you for this chance, hallyumart!

Paula Resurreccion

Paula Resurreccion said:

thank you for this wonderful giveaway and im really hoping for this because i dont have any bts merch yet , im broke very very broke .

I love this album very much ! i love the packaging and ALSO THE DESIGN BECAUSE ITS HOLOGRAPHIC and BECAUSE OF THE CONTENT . I love how they make unique and new songs every era THAT’S WHY I STAN LEGENDS ! 💓

thank you hallyumart for this opportunity . i hope i’ll win 😭


Jane said:

I’ve been their fan since 2015 but I don’t have a single thing of them…It might be hard to believe but I do have small stickers of our boys and I was hoping but I don’t mind at all but thanks for giving every army a chance, anyway this album came out great as bts as themselves. They never fail to make us proud,the songs are amazing,the lyrics and meanings are amazing and some specific lyric leave a big impact on me on my situation.I’m sure it must be the same for all of our fandom ,some specific lyric would also make an impact on them on their lives and of course this is the last loveyourself series so please everyone love yourself for who you really are. Good luck to all our army ^^

Lew Yan Ting

Lew Yan Ting said:

I like this album because they always make a new surprise to us. Every song has included what they want to share and convey to not only ARMY also the public. From their lyrics, I have learnt that we just live for one time only, so we should love ourselves first before we love others. Besides, we don’t have to care about others’ thinking and just do what we want to do and be happy with it. I love them because their songs can make me touch. They really use their talents to complete this album. Lastly, I want to say thank you to hallyumart for this giveaway.

Tiffany Zhang

Tiffany Zhang said:

I absolutely lovee this album and the different concepts. Everything about this new album is amazing and I really admire all the hard work BTS has put into this album. I’m very grateful for this giveaway because anyone can enter and not have to worry about saving money and working hard to be able to purchase the album. I think this is a great opportunity for those ARMYs that are currently stressing over lack of money but still want to support the boys. Thank you so much for holding this giveaway, we really appreciate it ❤️

Berenike Kücker

Berenike Kücker said:

I’m always so thankful for every album we get. This one again is beautifully and carefully produced and put together. The design is again stunning and the new tracks are amazing. Especially because of the lyrics and the message they try to convey. When I first heard the line “I’m the one I should love” I started crying as it is just so true and yet something we always forget or are not able to do. With BTS as a constant reminder of that thought I really try again and again to love myself. I have good and bad days but I won’t give up. As they say “I’m fine” and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I’m grateful for them and everything they do to be there for us in the one way they can: music.


Awin said:

although im an army, i never have any of their albums "( . im broke af, all i can do is support them and help the others streaming on bts mv. i never go to their concert. this album help me loving myself. i keep struggling with my life, but since i stan them, my life changed. i become more confident. this album have a great impact for us. i hope you guys can be soft on me sobsob . i cant buy this album cause none of my family is a kpop lover. so im struggling to collect the money to buy this album. plus im student. huhu, i really want this. sorry for my bad english. im desperate a lot😂

Laura Tutuianu

Laura Tutuianu said:

I am a BTS fan since 2017 and I am incredibly thankful for the music they make.Music is my life and my friends introduced me to their music, which I fell in love with!!!Their music can cheer me up anytime and makes me incredibly happy everytime I listen to it.Not only brings BTS joy to me but to my friends too and I feel like BTS and their music have bonded me and my friends even more.I just don’t only love their music but them as individuals.The goofy and emotional side of them, which I can relate to quite often.I love seeing them happy and I have been in the fandom for quite a while too, so it would mean so much to me to get this album, since I have none of their albums.I don’t have any real way to get it, since there are not many possibilities to buy BTS music in Germany, and when there are it is quite expensive, so I am hoping that I will win one of the albums of my favourite band!!! <3

Slavka Boskoska

Slavka Boskoska said:

I absolutely love this album, it’s maybe my favourite so far. I’ve supported BTS since their debut, but was never able to buy their album and I’m glad and honoured to have a chance to win it. Thank you so much!


Tijan said:

I always wanted to have a kpop album since my country doesn’t have any kpop merch and it’s hard to buy online because it is expensive. BTS has always inspired me to love myself and I wish I could return all of that by buying albums and everything they sell but I am too broke. Love Yourself Answer is my favorite album so far and I really wish if I could get it I never win any giveaways I enter but I have hope this time. I have been a fan since 2013 and I so far only have few posters I managed to have money to buy and I feel bad for not having at least one BTS album. I will work harder in the future to support them in everything. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win this it really means a lot to us broke people💕💕

Melissa White

Melissa White said:

As much as I love BTS my country doesn’t sell these kinds of items and my parents cant afford to buy them. Even though I recently became a fan their songs have helped me in ways I cannot describe with words alone. Thank you for this opportunity.

Marlene Lopez

Marlene Lopez said:

I absolutely loved all the new songs on the album as soon as I listened to them on spotify. Serendipity in particular I cannot stop listening to . Having downloaded and listened to all previous albums, BTS has evolved so much in terms of the genre and styles of their music. They always seem to try out different styles and succeed in doing so as proven by this album. The songs included of previous albums I greatly love and enjoy listening to the blend of the new and previously released songs 😊💕

Naren  .S

Naren .S said:

The Beautiful thing about this album is, that every single member has his one solo track. It has the similar feeling to wings. Beautiful meaning for every single song. The cool thing is, that Nicki Minaj is also included! One if my favourite artists ♡

sophie rodriguez

sophie rodriguez said:

i dont know if my name is here because i dont see it but i did write something

Siti Z

Siti Z said:

Finally BTS is back after 3 months (even tho its still not far apart), but we finally know the answer and that is to love yourself! Ive grown along with them since NMD era, when i first discovered them on youtube (i was an elf back then). I fell in love not because of looks, but their style of songs and after years staying with them, they get better and better and i never once regretted. They taught me how to love myself, they say something that not many people do this days. People points out your flaws and make you feel small,but they told you “you got flaws? Appreciate it, its a part of you”. Anyway, hope to win this album, because it’ll be my present for doing well after years of being insecure

Jamia Carroll

Jamia Carroll said:

My love for this album is just well it makes me speechless honestly. I love everything about this album with the music and the work that they put into it is just phenomenal and I really like this album and it gives me a special feeling in my heart.😍😍😍


coco said:

this album is more than just a answer, it is a feeling of fulfilment and i dont just mean in life. bts are telling us that they have fiund what many people including themselves, loose. that is themselves. take idol for example, bts have finally realised what being an idol means. their haters dont define neither does their mistakes. this album is a celebration of FINALLY breaking out of the bondage that held them. that is the truest essence of the album.❤❤


littlephantrash_ said:

I now have a idea of what the series is now. Thanks to BTS they’ve made me the happiest I’ve ever been if it weren’t for my friends in 2016 i think i would be at thw lowest point in my life. Luckily with BTS , i learned to overcome that and i look towards th future because i was always stuck in the past. I kept remembering my past so i eventually made a character out of myself based on my past. But BTS helped me overcome that, literally all their Run Episodes gave me hope and especially the last one of season 2 or 3.


Debora said:

wow where do i even begin. this album is so wonderful i can’t even explain it in words. the tracks on the sit list are so meaningful and beautiful. you can really feel the emotion and feeling bangtan is expressing through the music and whenever i listen to it i am so happy and refreshed. bangtan said “you can’t love anyone until you love yourself” and it’s understanded through their songs and it’s taught me to love myself more and as cliché as that sound its actually really true the more you listen to the album and the lyrics and their sound the more you understand what they are trying to reach out tell you. in conclusion i love this whole album and the previous ones and although lys series has come to an end i will never forget this series and how much it means to me.


Han said:

The new album just KABABOOOM!! Okay im so intooo this album! The answer was the answer where i can confidents with myself. The way they told us to be ourselves in their music. With the music which is follow the flow. BTS teach us how to love ourselves! The way they teach us with the music. They make me happy when im alone. This album gonna be my best album and i will never to lovemyself,BTS and ARMYs

Rebecca Jamtøy

Rebecca Jamtøy said:

Love it so much!!!!!

Salma Oubatate

Salma Oubatate said:

I am a morrocan army and since i started to listen to bts i felt in love with them. As a young girl i had problems in my school by beeing harassed so love yourself expresses my grief . But love yourself answer wasn’t for me as an answer but a new part of life , by this album i felt like if my idols were adressing for me a message with their experience like an example. Bts learned what is to love their selves as they are and i am learning with them every day with every song . They lit up my life and they show me that i am not a doll who is soposed to satisfy people, they created in me a love the love of my dreams and show me that if i want someone to love me it will be myself . I hope that i will realize my dreams and be like BTS .


Joanne said:

I love everything about this album! The holographic theme, the concept photos, the photocards, the photobook, and basically EVERYTHING! I juat want to win this so bad because my parents told me to just liten to the mp3’s :")


Mariline said:

I really really love this new album. In fact, it’s one of my favorite. The songs transmits positives feels like happiness, smiles. It is as the whirlwind of color that splashes you with heat. The soloes of the artists are all extremely made a success and pass on(transmit) each of the different values and the different feelings. Every singer makes his contribution to the work which shares us a very important message: Love Yourself. The tracklist of songs is just incredible. We find IDOL a crazy and satyric clip at the same time. I like it because of his madness and originality. And in spite of that, the words always have a purpose and a sense ). Love Yourself / Answer is an answer in itself is to learn how to like itself. And we can say that at the musical level but also at the level of the choreography, BTS surpassed themselves.


Sophia said:

This album make my feel better. It say start loving your self. I had have never love myself befor. I had heard the songs from the album and I had felt that they sing the song for me and say to me that I should start loving myself. And I work on it to love myself. #Loveyourself


Heather said:

What do I need to say? I am a 25 year old freaking out over BTS!


Lulu.mochi said:

I really love the album! Also the holographic though! I especially love every each song. Each song has a message in it. It mostly has everything because love yourself answer album has mostly everything because it’s the last series! They look so handsome in the album! I’m jungshook! Ahh! 💘 #Loveyourself I 💜 the message that concludes to everything
" Love Yourself "

Gweng Thao

Gweng Thao said:

What I love about this album is the message. Love Yourself. 💜 I would really appreciate it if I won this giveaway! I 💜 BTS!

Aamina Mohammed

Aamina Mohammed said:

BTS Love Yourself album (era) means a lot to me. The album not only shows BTS journey to love their self, but also mine. Through this journey, I learned to love myself and what it means to confident. I learned a lot from them and from ARMYs. I was able to connect and relate with other people because of BTS. 100% sure that I won’t get the album but I really want to thank BTS for raising this awareness and be confident in ourselves.


Elin said:

This album is so good !! It has taught us to love yourself and the importance of self-love :)


Flavia said:

I dont even know what makes me feel. But it sure makes me happy. I never had luck in life (mostly in these giveaways) but im gonna try once cause it breaks me not having nothing from them. This album actually hit me like a rock, cause in the end of all i really just have to love myself to keep going. I was wake all night waiting to the album be released and i would do it all over again. In dark times we need some light to give us hope that is something else in the other side and you have to push yourself. loving you and being you. Thanks to them i can finally be me. No matter how weird i cant be seen by peoples eyes. and yeah sorry for my boredom,


Lyn said:

love yourself answer is the second bts comeback ive had in the fandom. it’s the last album to their 2 and a half year series hyyh. bts has made me smile countless of times and itd be nice to own an album.

Nour Alhoda Ali

Nour Alhoda Ali said:

This album is the ultimate one where they kinda show us that you should appreciate yourself and you should not change yourself for anybody plus the songs are soooo lit, every song has a message behind it and I appreciate that BTS puts hard work into the songs. The album means everything to me because you can relate to the songs and that’s what I love about this💗


Potter said:

Is there a definite way to describe it?? It makes me happy, content, makes me feel ALIVE. Something I very rarely feel. It’s like every part of my body knows it’s breathing and living and it’s extremely excited about it. On the other hand, it also rips my heart out and leaves me a sad and bloody mess on the floor. But hey, what’s new with BTS, right? 😂😂 thank you for the chance :D


Kawtar said:

Yo this album cannot be described with words . I literally fell in love with this album this album made me fell very happy and let me say this but I love myself now because of bts and their music yes I love myself .💜💜😋


bianca said:

this album sounds extremely good and the packaging is staight up bautiful.
all the songs are amazing, not to mention the photcards, they’re marvelous. it’s another bts masterpiece.
bighit and bts really outdoned themselves yet again. and the fruit of it is this wonderful piece of art. thank you to them and to you guys for giving us this chance !


Hallyumart said:

We announce the winner today. Please look forward to! :)

makaiya bedford

makaiya bedford said:

This album is part of the reason why I’m still breathing as I suffer from mental health issues and it has also empowered me to really love myself more and try to be more confident and daring.


SK said:

Is it even possible to describe it in worlds. their voices get me every time. Every time i rant to my friends about how amazing their album, i go on forever. i din’t even know how to describe it. like every time i listen to it, i get lost in my thoughts and i listen to each to each of their voices and i just melt…

Maria Diana Mandado

Maria Diana Mandado said:

This album sums it all up, that is why it is called “ANSWER”. This is the answer to the first two albums that they have previously released. It defies everything about life itself. It encourage us to love ourself first before we can give love others.


Asa said:

I want this album because I’m a big fans of BTS and I keep listen to them all the time. I have there old album, poster, mugs, photo cards, and signal BTS. My favorite song is IDOL that the first song I head is IDOL because they have a good beat, raps. and everything. I hope that I get pick to get the BTS album.

“Kpop is my life and forever” “BTS ARMY FAN” " I Love You BTS" <3

Asa said:

I want this album because I’m a big fans of BTS and I keep listen to them all the time. I have there old album, poster, mugs, photo cards, and signal BTS. My favorite song is IDOL that the first song I head is IDOL because they have a good beat, raps. and everything. I hope that I get pick to get the BTS album.

“Kpop is my life and forever” “BTS ARMY FAN” " I Love You BTS" <3
Jiao Li

Jiao Li said:

This album is the reason why I stopped wearing so much makeup to cover my face. I used to think I was so ugly until their new album inspired me not to care what people think and be myself, and have fun while doing it.


جنات said:

الألبوم ممتاز جعلني أحب نفسي كثيرا ولا اهتم لما يقول عني الاخرون💜

Nefzi Hiba

Nefzi Hiba said:

I Want album LY Answer

Nanou Army

Nanou Army said:

I just loved this song becauze it’s giving us confedant and it makes u don’t car about jealous peapel


Nour said:

I love BTS forever💘
Army forever💪
No BTS =no life🙍
💘Oppa jimin💘

Jimin Is Mine

Jimin Is Mine said:

بكل بساطة انا مهووسة و معجبة كبيرة ب BTS💟💟💟مجرد قول اسم الفرقة اشعر بالحماس اتمنى ان اربح هذا الالبوم لانه جد رائع و خصوصا اغنية idol و مقطع Suga الرائع من اغنية I’m fine اسم الالبوم يعطيك القوة احب نفسك love yourself مجرد قولها تشعر بالالهام
Jimin I love u 💖💖



هم مصدر سعادتي ببساطة لا استطيع وصفهم بكلمة💜

Samar Masoud

Samar Masoud said:

Bts الجميله والمدهشه اغاني Bts بعيدا عن أشكال
ليست مجرد اغاني انها اغاني تعطيني
امل لأحقق حلمي وعندما اكون حزينه يفرحوني بأغنيهم وفيديوهات الضحكه


بسمة said:

اولا انا أود التكلم عم هذه الفرقة التي أعتبرها مصدر إلهامي و سعادتي للأسف نحن الارمي العرب لا نمتلك فرصة لرؤيتهم أشعر بالحزن حيال هاذا لذلك كنت أود أن يكون لي شيئ بسيط لكي ابين لهم حبي و مشاعري لهم لا املك شيئا اتمنى ان يكون لي البومهم على الأقل ليعرف الجميع أنني مهووسة بهم ارجوا حقا أن كل ما وصل لي من هذا الرابط حقيقيا أثق بكل شخص سيرسل هاذا انا ممتنة لأن هناك أشخاص يعلمون مدى الشوق الذي أشعر به نحوهم لذلك شكرا على هاذا 💖💖💖💖


Kati said:

انا عربية اتمنى رأية BTS ولكنهم بعيدين جدا وهذا محزن اتمنى ان احصل على شيئ يخصهم


Reem said:

أنا أحب هذه الفرقة جداً أتمنى الحصول على شيء يخصهم لإنهم أفضل فرقة بالنسبة لي إنهم رائعون جداً ويصعب علي وصفهم لا يوجد فرقة مثلهم أبداً سنبقى فانز لهم للأبددد.💜

Jodie. ARMY

Jodie. ARMY said:

They are the source of my inspiration They are the source of my happiness I loved them They have made my life another meaning They hope they got a lot of love They deserve it I wish I had something to them because they are an angel in the form of a human


Rain said:

The love yourself album really helped me with my self confidence because I’m having a lot of trouble in life because I have a stepfather and my family is slowly leaving me behind. The song IDOL made me love myself and it told me to love myself no matter what because you can change who you are even if I wish you could, you just have to show the world that it’s okay to be weird or crazy. Now I do love myself because of the love yourself album.

Amelia zahwa

Amelia zahwa said:

I very very like BTS… Why? Karna mereka good voice and vokal, and rap… And multitalent and kini dance



Tatiana said:

Theu made me happy when im feeling sad or stressed out and make me want ro worker harder than before and keep living life and to keep dreaming and their songs help me feel better and understand that not everyone perfect and to love myself more than ever and keep fighting…


Or said:

Hi uhm….. I hope i win lul 🙂❤️


TinaM said:

I wanted to win this album because I know it be my first time since I probably won’t get one till I’m 18, which is like 6 more years. My parents are highly strict and having a finacial problems. I wanted to win this because I wanna experience having a album with having all of them together for now since the enlistment dates are coming up. I just wanna know how it feels to have an album from bts since I’m still young I wanna grow up knowing them. Yes, I know whatever I’m saying is all over the place. I’m just upset right now how it’s going to be the last year of bts being complete I never been so depressed my whole life. I just want something that has all the members in it as a rememberance of much I love and loved them, obsessed over them, laughed with them through screen, watching them when I’m sad so J can cheer up, etc. So I wish I win this album, sorry for the long paragraph and my english thank you.

Angel Atuban

Angel Atuban said:

i hope i won…

Nadia aini

Nadia aini said:

Semoga saya menang ya allah

Nadia aini

Nadia aini said:

Semoga saya menang ya allah

Nadia aini

Nadia aini said:

Semoga saya menang ya allah

Nadia aini

Nadia aini said:

Semoga saya menang ya allah

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