[Closed] 5th Giveaways: Puma x BTS Basket Shoes | HALLYU MART

[Closed] 5th Giveaways: Puma x BTS Basket Shoes

[Closed] 5th Giveaways: Puma x BTS Basket Shoes

September 05, 2018

5th Giveaways: 5 Puma x BTS Basket Shoes 

This time I prepared a gift for the shoes you really want to have. I hope you like it. :)
I will give the winner a 100% OFF coupon that can be used in the Hallyu Mart.
It's also free shipping.
Do not hesitate and join the event right now!



Destiny said:

My favorite idol is Kim Seokjin! <3


Laura said:

BTS are the favs , and not just in k-pop category , favorite artists worldwide <3


Kaylee said:

Jungkook ♡♡

Lauren Wood

Lauren Wood said:

My favorite KPop Idol is Kim Nam-joon (RM) because he is so passionate, smart, dedicated and caring for not only the other BTS members but also for his fans and the world. I love every member of BTS but there’s definitely a soft spot in my hear for our Leader Rap Monster.


Naomi said:

I stan them all, equally. They thought me so many good thing through their musics 🧡


Naomi said:

I stan them all, equally. They taught me so many good thing through their musics 🧡🧡

Kisha V

Kisha V said:

With this I don’t think having a favorite without also cheering on the other members is possible. I’m a fan of all of them. I also have a bias per day, they are 7. I thought I should them on equally😎.


Sbg said:

My youngster’s idol is BTS’ V!

Hannah Yin

Hannah Yin said:

I stan for a variety of groups, including BTS. BTS got me into k-pop and I am very thankful for that.


Aja said:

I learned about bts through kim taehyung. I was introduced to him as an actor through the show Hwarang. So, i followed him and was introduced to BTS. So, technically Kim Tae Hyung is my bias. But I love them all!


Xyxy said:

My bias is suga,taehyung ,jhope,jimin, RM, Jin,jungkook <—- 😅 can’t choose one they all have different charms if I have only one bias I would be switchingy bias every single day 😂😂😂😂


Salome said:

Well my Bias is Junkook but I love all of them as a Group.


Lily said:

I found BTS when I was suicidal. I listened to Yoongi’s mixtape and after hearing about all that he’s been through, I realized that I am also capable of moving forward and becoming successful. BTS inspired me to love myself and know that it’s okay when things aren’t going well, because there’s always tomorrow.


Angie said:

My favourite Kpop idol is BTS. As they gave me a lot of inspiration and encouragement in doing what I want to do, and become what I want to be.


Ruben said:

My favorite BTS Member is Jin :3

Audrey Tran

Audrey Tran said:

I knew BTS years ago but I have just listened to many of their songs recently. Its a “must” to say that they are talented. Most of their songs are catchy (especially go go which makes me wanna dance all the time)


Emma said:

Jungkook <3<3<3


Elizabeth said:

I love all of the boys, but there’s something about the mysterious and warm feeling that Min Yoongi gives off that draws me in! Every time I see him it’s like catching up with an old friend.


Brenda said:

My bias is Yoongi but all my ARMY friends know I’m a BTS hoe because i love them all equally and I can’t stay loyal to just one Bias 😂

Jessica Gregory

Jessica Gregory said:

I love me some Jhope💜

Alexia Moya

Alexia Moya said:

V is my ultimate bias and has always been 💜 no bias wreckers when it comes to him


Skyy said:

i really love j-hope. he is a ball of sunshine with more talent in his left toe than i do in my whole body!


K.Pop said:

Kim Seokjin 💜

Kimberly Tirado

Kimberly Tirado said:

My favorite K-POP idol is Park Jimin :3

Winda Y.

Winda Y. said:

Min Yoongi~❤️


Abby said:

Kim taehyung ❤️❤️


randie said:

at first I noticed bts actually because I like watching Korean drama, then I watched hwarang and guess what all the comment section is about bangtan so I checked them out. turn out I really like their concept with demian as their wing concept. so V got me here and RM who make me stay. but seriously WHO CAN CHOOSE ONE OF THEM?? WHOO


Mariline said:

My favorite BTS member is Min Young, because I think he has a lot of talents like passion for example. He is just amazing and wonderful, he deserve so much. He has a difficult past and I think I understand what he lived. But I really love all the members. He is my favorite one but I love bangtan for the 7 members not for only one

sophie rodriguez

sophie rodriguez said:

i dont know how many times i entered but i hope they recognize me😖 and choose me because every time i enter i dont win and i cant afford to buy their merch so i want at least one thing from them………all i have is a magazine😑………thank you hallyumart😊i love BTS soo much


Melanie said:

I stan kings😭 BTS and they’re all my bias💜💜


sahika said:

lee taemin


Carys said:

Lil meow meow is the cutest kitten in the world


Mairin said:

Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi but without one of the group members of BTS, the group wouldn’t be BTS.


Sandra said:

Love BTS! Park jimin <3 <3

Sake Tae <3

Sake Tae <3 said:

My Bias is Taehyung because he’s so funny and cool i really like his charakter + i look like him and i want to be like him hes so pretty ( im a boy but not gay)


Maria said:

If I have to choose my favorite Korean Idol is the one and only Min Yoongi


Karen said:

my favorite idol is Taehyung in BTS but I love all of them! <3


RR said:



Yasmine said:



Kayla said:

Jin – BTS!


Adi said:


Mimi Van

Mimi Van said:

I looooove Namjoon

Efi Riana

Efi Riana said:

Kim taehyung is my ultimate bias. Because he look very very very handsome so big heart to V from me. ♥♡♥♡


Claire said:

I’ve got too many biases, but I think I adore Yoongi because of the norms and expectations he had to go against to get to where he stands today.


Aleen said:


Andrea P.

Andrea P. said:

Jin from BTS


Noel said:

Taehyung is my bts bias❤️

Claudia Sanchez

Claudia Sanchez said:

Taehyung~ 10/10 would recommend all his hairstyles ALL DAY ALL THE TIME!!! Boiiiii

Sarah J

Sarah J said:

Park Jimin! 💜💜💜


Minnie said:

Jeon Jungkook!

Nurina Che Musa

Nurina Che Musa said:

I love Kim Tae Hyung so much! and right now I need a new shoe because my old shoe have already torn off TT I don’t have enough money too right now TT Thank you hallyumart!


Katrina said:

I wanted to buy the turin and this one one but unfortunately stocks are very limited here in my country and they dont have my size. I stan BTS. I love all of them! Jimin is my bias!!


Yessenia said:

Kim Namjoon is my bias

Marielle Denise M. Lim

Marielle Denise M. Lim said:

I love Kim Taehyung. He is handsome, silly, cute, loving,caring,has a bubbly personality and he is not afraid to show his real self.


Armyana said:

I would very much love these shoes !! :)

aaron reck

aaron reck said:

I would say I like BTS they are really good and their new song with Nicki is cool.


Liberty said:

Bias!!? How can I have one?? They all work so hard and anytime I watch a music video my favorite is whoever is singing or rapping at the moment!! 김남준! 김석진! 민윤기! 정호석! 박지민! 김태형! 정전국! BTS!


Alisabeth said:

I really love all the members of BTS individually, but 지민 just won’t stop being so amazing!

Courtney Chan

Courtney Chan said:

Jimin ie is my bias


Sam said:

BTS was my first kpop group to ever listen too. From the first moment I watched there MV’s, I instantly fell in love and especially with Taehyung! I love his personality and of course he is an angel on earth (well all of BTS are!) I love Taehyungs passion and style for photography, as I am studying photography as well. I am so thankful for BTS and know that they have helped not only me but millions of ARMY with their beautiful music, happiness and strength!


Alexis said:

My favorite member is jungkook, he stood out the most to me because of his goofiness and how all the members love him. He makes me so happy and he will always be bangtans golden maknae. He was my first bias and always will be. When i first got into kpop, bts was my first group i listened to and fell in love. I will never forget that day.


syafiqah said:

love BTS. My bias is kim namjoon. #loveyourself

Vivien Guo

Vivien Guo said:

Every member of BTS <3. Thank you for such a generous giveaway!


Serena said:

My bias is Jimin from BTS <3 I love him so much


caitlin said:

My bias is yoongi but I love all of bts!!


caitlin said:

My bias is yoongi but I love all of bts!!

Cassandra D

Cassandra D said:

Kim Tae Hyung.


Yesinta.mr said:

My bias is jimin

Valeria Lopez

Valeria Lopez said:

fav has to be Namjoon!!!! .

Elizabeth R.

Elizabeth R. said:

Tae is my bias in BTS for so many reasons, I feel like I relate to him more than the others. probably, because we’re both Capricorns ;)

Emily Lester

Emily Lester said:

My bias is Kim Namjoon! He is a good leader and musician! I admire him a lot!


Pamela said:

My bias is Min Yoongi! He inspires me a lot!


Kayla said:

My favorite idol is Kim Namjoon from bts


jess said:

I love you. I love myself. I love BTS! what is bias when it comes to bts?!!!


jody said:

my ultimate bias is Kim Nam-joon, aka RM from BTS!

Colleen McDonald

Colleen McDonald said:

favorite bias is Jeon Jungkook
also these shoes are super cool


Irena said:

My bias is Yoongi aka Suga


Iki said:

Suga is my bias


Btsstand said:

Rap monster for the win


S R said:

Jeon Jungkook!

Emily OMara

Emily OMara said:

lee taemin

Victoria A Garcia

Victoria A Garcia said:

Suga is my ultimate bias of all bias to have ever lived!!!!


Chime said:

I love all the boys equally! I have been army since 2014 and it has been a great journey. I cannot bare to see boys getting less love among them. So I love them all equally and my bias is all of them!!! It might sound weird, but I only listen to BTS songs and before that I listen to classical Rock music. Anyways, I wish the boys to be happy and healthy! Tsa Rang Hae, Bangtan Sonyeondan…..


elisa said:

How do you know if you won? I cant see the results;;

Abbygale Javier

Abbygale Javier said:

Click the “Enter the Giveaway” button and it’ll lead you to the page announcing the winners. Congrats to all who won :)

Princess Valdez

Princess Valdez said:

I love BTS. I’ve been an army ever since they started. My bias is Jimin.


Irene said:

My daughter’s love BTS so much, so I bought a shoes, jacket and tshirt and necklace. They loved it so much!


noha said:

jimin 💜

Elena Rodriguez

Elena Rodriguez said:

This grandmother is happy today! What a joy to see my name on the list of winners.
Thank you very much !
What am I supposed to do now ? When will I receive my coupon?

Kam Said

Kam Said said:

Bought a pair of BTS shoes for my sister SITI NOR and she love it. She’s always has been a fanatic fan of BTS. Her fav are JIMIN & JK. She just celebrated her Birthday recently. Cheers..

Elena Rodriguez

Elena Rodriguez said:

Yesterday was the worst day of my life.
I won the giveaway of the BTS Puma shoes … and I lost them!
The email with the news and the coupon went to the spamer folder and I did not see it until several days later.
There were only a few days to claim the prize or it was lost.
I already wrote to see if they took pity on me and sent me a new cuoupon.
Unfortunately I have not had an answer.
I feel desolate. :(


Soundous said:

انحيازي هو تايهيونغ


jungkooook said:

hi I I wish that I could have a pair of these amazing shoes


Ouma said:

I stan BTS so hard but my bias is Taehyung 💜💜..I Love him so so much he changed my life he teaches me Love and a lot of things ..I Love BTS too They taught me how to love myself and never give up on my dreams..
I Hope that someday I’ll see BTS😢💕🌹✨


Furridause said:

Jimin for the win yo yo yo !! Because jimin is my bias

Aouimeur Yousra Marya

Aouimeur Yousra Marya said:

Taehyung oppa love you


هاجر said:

انا حقا اريد ان افوز بهذه الجائزة


Emily said:

I love BTS and these shoes.

Amelia zahwa

Amelia zahwa said:

Anyeonghaseo i’m army… Saya ingin mendapatkan nya karna saya ingin sekali, dan sepatu olahraga saya sudah tidak layak dipakai:)

Angel Atuban

Angel Atuban said:

hi i’am BTS fun

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