[Pre-paring] 12th Giveaways
Chanyou Hwang February 09, 2020

[Pre-paring] 12th Giveaways

[Pre-paring] 12th Giveaways coming soon

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Chanyou Hwang April 06, 2019


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Shipping Lunar New Year holidays
Kevin Roh January 30, 2019

Shipping Lunar New Year holidays



It is closed from February 1 to February 6 due to Korean national holidays.
During this period, orders will be shipped sequentially from February 7th.

Please acknowledge delays in delivery.
Happy New Year!

안녕하세요~ 2월 1일부터 2월 6일까지는 한국의 연휴로인하여 한류마트는 쉽니다.
이 기간에 주문건은 2월 7일부터 순차적으로 배송이됩니다.
주문폭주로 인하여 배송이 늦을수도 있는점 양해부탁드립니다.

감사합니다. 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

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Thanks giving day of Korea  Shipping guide
Kevin Roh September 14, 2018

Thanks giving day of Korea Shipping guide

Thanksgiving day of Korea  Shipping guide.

Thank you for your love and interest in our shop. this is the shipping guide for Chuseok holidays in 2018.

# Order from September 18 to 26 will be sent sequentially from September 27. (KST)

We hope your understanding even if delivery is delayed. Thank you for using Hallyumart.

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DHL Service Agreement
Kevin Roh August 10, 2018

DHL Service Agreement

Korean-Mart has an agreement with DHL for faster delivery.
I hope to use many of you who live in the USA (It can be received within 1-2 days after delivery)  We will do our best to satisfy you. DHL service is available after August 17th.

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Kpop blogger
Kevin Roh July 26, 2018

Kpop blogger

Are you a KPOP Blogger or KPOP Youtuber?

Do you want items of clothing absolutely for FREE? Are you looking for long-term sponsorship?

Then don’t hesitate to send us an email ( to introduce your thought about fashion,your blog website or youtube channel for us. You may get free clothing that is worth US$40 to US$200 every month!


KPOP blogger,youtuber policy

1. Requirements.

Your blog must have over 1,000 followers(via bloglovin or google friend).

You have at least 5,000 followers with one of your social networking accounts.

Your Youtube Channel has over 1,5000 subscribers.


3. Please share your thoughts on our clothing through your social networks.

You should use the clothing items to create your look, unboxing, take photos and post them on your blog, Youtube, Lookbook, Instagram, Chictopia, Facebook, etc. within 7-10 days of receiving the parcel. When you publish the photos, outfits, and review, please include the link of the product page or the link of the homepage ( your post/photos

4. Please send us an email once you publish your photos and comments.

Note: As different countries may have different custom duty policies, we can't estimate your import duty. Anyway, Hallyumart will try best to arrange appropriate logistics for our bloggers to avoid the customs duty, if you have any problems about your package please keep us knew for the first time.

5. Hallyumart reserves the right to collect photos of your post, use the information of your post

We may use and collect the content, photos of your blog or post-E.g., we may put it on facebook or use your photos on our website. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

That's all! It's easy, right? 


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Mediheal x BTS' collaboration products, 3,000 sales records in 3 days
Kevin Roh December 26, 2017

Mediheal x BTS' collaboration products, 3,000 sales records in 3 days

Mask pack brand Mediheal has been collaborating with the Idol group BTS, which has established itself as a world star and has successfully launched collaborative products.

In particular, in the case of the Special Package, which was released with all four sets in commemoration of the launch, the first 3000 pieces were completed in three days since the sale began. We are still discussing additional production in response to the ongoing consumer inquiries and hot reactions since the release.

This collaboration attracts attention from the fact that it is a meeting of a bunch of BTS who is in the top 10 of K-Pop's history and are in the top 10 on the charts of Mediheal and Billboard's year-end closing '2017 Top Artist' in 26 countries.

It has increased the value of the collection, including the photo card SET of the BTS members who have never been revealed before, and exclusive images using the symbolic ringer-shaped QR code of Mediheal. In the case of a photo card SET consisting of four species, 14 group images of member group photos and 14 individual images of members are configured differently.


You can buy here for your face skin  Click!

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The delivery guide for the Chuseok holiday.
Kevin Roh September 29, 2017

The delivery guide for the Chuseok holiday.

Hello everyone!

From September 30 to October 9 is the Korean Chuseok (Thanksgiving)  holiday. During this period, orders will be shipped from October 10th.

Coupon code: loveyou

Thank you.

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Kevin Roh December 19, 2016

Delivery delay guide

Hello Dear,
Due to the year-end and New Year holidays, the delivery quantity will increase, and the product you purchased may be delayed. Please note that there may be a delay of 3-7 days in each country.
Thank you for always using Hallyumart

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