Where do Korean teens and 20s shop for branded clothing?

For those of you who are curious, I've narrowed it down to just five. If you are interested, please refer to the site below.

Again, we were born and raised in Korea. trust us and follow us





Musinsa, a unicorn company with an enterprise value of over 2.5 trillion won.
The largest fashion online store in Korea. Find all Korean fashion brands here! we can help you


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This is a women-only web store created by Musinsa.

Wusinsa for women

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Around the Corner is running an online and offline hip brand fashion store in Korea.

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4. 29cm

29CM is an online select shop that develops the mission of 'helping customers make better choices.

Starting from this unique mission, 29CM is creating an irreplaceable commerce platform for both brands and customers in our own way.

When everyone shouts for more and cheaper products, we struggle to promote the unique values of each brand. Suggesting and storytelling better options in the daily life of customers. Between customers and brands, 29CM is introducing new proposals, curation, and new content every time.

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It operates about 70 stores in Korea, starting with the flagship Hongdae. Brand editorial store that is hot among teenagers and 20s


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5 fashion online web stores are famous in Korea. You can meet stylish and sophisticated local brands and global brands that are only available in Korea.
Find a style that suits you!

July 07, 2021 — Kevin Roh