Oct 15. News Fila x BTS Dynamite Edition

Oct 15. News Fila x BTS Dynamite Edition

Oct. 15 2021 KST New Update


The product you've been waiting for will be in stock today in small quantities.

Due to the lockdown of the FILA Vietnam factory, we cannot produce products, so we are producing them in Korea, but other brand companies are also making products in Korea. For this reason, we were contacted by FILA that we were unable to meet the fast supply.

However, we do our best to send it to you as much as possible. Those who did not receive it in the second delivery will be able to receive it in the third delivery. (The 3rd delivery is scheduled for November 5)

It is a product worth more than the wait. Do not give up!

Thank you

Mino Roh


Oct. 05 2021 (KST) News Update

On Friday, a set of 5 posters finally arrived. This is a gift for customers who order over $130. Originally it was supposed to arrive earlier, but it arrived late. Sorry for the delay in shipping.


*Next Monday, October 11th is a holiday.

*Notify buyers of FILA shoes & ACC
Shoes & ACC will be shipped sequentially from October 15th.

What you order is purchased from Korean department stores and official FILA dealers, so please do not worry and place your order.

 We strive for fast delivery

Please note that there may be a delay in delivery due to a large number of orders.

Thank you

Mino Roh



09.24. 2021 New Updated

The second volume of the product from Fila's headquarters has been contacted saying that it will be shipped from October 15th. If you have not received the product among those who have ordered, please wait a little longer. We will do our best for you.

Thank you

Best Regards

(The first order product has arrived in our office.)


The long-awaited FILA x BTS first order product will be delivered soon. Due to the Chuseok holiday in Korea, they will be shipped sequentially from the 24th. thank you so much for waiting

If you did not receive it this time, it will be delivered in early October, so please do not worry.
If you have any questions, please contact us


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