Odense Atelier Node 2 Person Set 10p

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By Odense

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Odense Atelier Node 2 Person Set 10p

Atelier Node, completed from the strong nature of Northern Europe's polar regions

- The towering snowy mountains, the harsh soil that can withstand the harsh cold, and the ice and frost that covered the land.
- Nodes contain the beauty that blooms in extreme environments.
- Color that expresses the beauty of Nordic nature
- The sincerity and depth of handcraft
- Black ceramic material containing titanium with high durability and strength

  • Brand Odense
  • Shipping from South Korea
  • Material See the product package and manual
  • 100% Authentic
  • Atelier Node 2-person set configuration (10 pieces)
    2 rice bowls, 2 soup bowls, 2 large round plates, 2 medium round plates, 2 mugs
  • Product color composition Polar White, Soil Brown
  • B ok Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher
  • Be Careful
    - Avoid sudden temperature changes such as immersing a heated container in cold water after using the oven or microwave.
    - Avoid refrigerated storage with liquids.
    - Be careful of damage caused by a strong impact.
    - When washing, avoid using a steel scrubber as it may scratch it, and be careful not to let the products collide with each other.