"Why is the shipping fee so expensive!!🤬"


Hallyumart has many products that you really want to have, but when you put them in your shopping cart and calculate the shipping cost, there are often cases where the shipping fee is higher than the product's cost.
Others declare free shipping by adding a shipping fee to the product price. But the price is there and there.
So I thought. Is there any way to solve this problem?

I finally found a solution! Due to the pandemic, we have been able to reopen the low-cost shipping rate through the post office, which has been suspended for a while.


This rate applies to the United States (USPS), United Kingdom (Standard Shipping), Brazil (Standard Shipping), and France (Standard Shipping).
Only T-shirts and clothing accessories are applied and there is a weight limit of 2Kg. So unfortunately, shoes are excluded.

Although it is cheaper, it has the disadvantage of being slower than DHL express, but it is recommended because it can save money.


In order to save shipping fees, it is continuously updated by country.
Hanma (nickname for customers who love Hallyu Mart) who always visit and love you
thank you and i love you i will do my best


Then we'll see you again with another exciting news.


Standard Shipping available country

  • US
  • UK
  • Brazil
  • France
  • German


Januar 11, 2023 — Kevin Roh
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