The Remarried Empress Webtoon Manhwa

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The Remarried Empress Webtoon Manhwa

Empress Nabier of the Eastern Great Empire. Divorce because of the emperor's mistress! Is Rasta trying to steal everything from her husband? A new love came to her at the moment when Navier's lifelong hard work and her fruits were put to nothing because of her love for Sobi Shu. Remarriage at the same time as divorce! What happened to Nabi, who gave up her place as Empress of the Great Eastern Empire?

  • Publisher Young Com
  • Written by Alpataleuteu, Hieoli 
  • Picture Sumpul
  • Genre Romance
  • Size 148x201mm
  • Language Korean
  • Shipping from South Korea
  • 100% Authentic
  • Made in Korea