Timing Webtoon Manhwa

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Verkäufer Wisdom House
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Timing Webtoon Manhwa

Park Ja-gi, who has a foresight dream of seeing a scene in the future, has a dream that one day, people are about to fall from the roof of the high school where he works as a teacher. And a few days later, a girl falls off the roof and is found dead, with a strangely smiling face… Detective Yang Yang-sik, suspicious of this, begins an investigation into the school. Meanwhile, Park Ja-ji finds the people who appeared in his dreams one by one and meets Kim Young-tak, a time stopper who can stop time, Ye Ji-an Jang Se-yoon, who can see the future 10 minutes later, and Kang Min-hyeok, a time winder who can turn back time in 10 seconds. . However, even if the four time talents work together, murders of unknown cause keep happening... .

  • Publisher Wisdom House
  • Written by Kangfull
  • Picture Kangfull
  • Genre Horror/Thriller
  • Size 148x210mm
  • Language Korean
  • Shipping from South Korea
  • 100% Authentic
  • Made in Korea