With God Webtoon Manhwa

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With God Webtoon Manhwa

[With God Hell 1-3 Story]

Kim Ja-hong, a small citizen who has only suffered from losses all her life, suffers from overwork at a young age. What he faced after his death
modernized underworld. What awaited him, who thought his death was the end, was a difficult 49-day trial in the underworld.
However, with the help of Jin Gi-gi, a public defender Yeom Ra-guk, Ja-hong Kim will be judged for the good and evil she has done in her life.

[With God This World 1~2 Story]

Eight-year-old Dong-hyeon, who lives alone with his grandfather, is about to be evicted as his house is included in a redevelopment district. In the midst of that, the list of the dead grandfather's death is issued, and the people of the underworld go to Dong-hyeon's house to take the deceased.

[With God Mythology 1~3 Story]

Shinhwa is a kind of story that deals with the past of the characters who appeared in the previous installments, the Afterlife and This Story, with the subject of Korean mythology.
is a prequel to The Shinhwa episode of 『Along with the Gods』 was adapted according to the intention of the author.
Six unrelated Korean myths were unified into one worldview and all connected.

  • Publisher Wisdom House
  • Written by Homin Joo
  • Picture Homin Joo
  • Genre SF/Fantasy
  • Size 148x200x51
  • Language Korean
  • Shipping from South Korea
  • 100% Authentic
  • Made in Korea