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We purchase products that are not in Hallyumart on behalf of customers as a proxy

Service guide you will regret if you miss it:

6 things about shopping in Korea that make you anxious and annoyed

1. Concerns about out of stock: "When I ordered, it was in stock..."
2. Annoying high price: "You're fucking expensive"
3. I am afraid of direct shopping because I am not good at Korean.
4. There are items I like, but they do not ship overseas.
5. I want to buy items from several companies and receive them at once...
6. I don't have a credit card.


Top 10 Recommended Korean Brands

1. The North Face White Label

Buy hard-to-find products that are only sold in Korea without having to leave your home.

2. Nike Korea

Shop for your favorite Nike Korea products without having to fly over to Korea.

3. Adidas Korea

 We purchase products that are only sold in Korea and deliver them to your doorstep.

4. National Geo Graphic

With our Korean fashion line, you can buy styles that are unavailable in other countries and keep up with the latest Korean fashion trends. 

5. Discovery Expedition 

Purchase Korean products without the hassle of traveling to Korea.

6. Kolon mall

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends from Korea with Kolon mall. 

7. Snow Peak Korea

 You can buy products from the Korean version of Snow Peak Korea and get them delivered to your doorstep.

8. Puma Korea

 Buying Puma Korea products that are not offered in your country has never been easier.

9. Musinsa Standard

 Purchase products unavailable in your country without leaving your home.

10. Covernat

 You can get the latest Covernat products that are only sold in Korea with just a click.

11. Other Brand & Platform:
Zigzag: 30.5M Members Women Fashion Platform







With Korean Proxy Shopping, all these worries are over!

Fee:  Free (Limited period: untill July. 31)
Exchange rate: 1130won = 1USD$


Payment: Paypal, Transferwise 
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Shipping: DHL Express

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