Adidas Originals Unisex Farrell Williams Tennis Human Shoes B41806

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Adidas Origins x Farrell Williams Collaboration Shoes combines a sophisticated court line with an original sensation. Fully wrapped in a pair of knit tops that fit perfectly with your feet. Farrell Williams Collaboration Design Signature style heel and soulful Farrell Williams logo Creative restructuring Colorful inserts applied to the outsole Supportive knit tops Softly wrapped socks Structure 

• Perrah Williams's reinterpretation of classic tennis style 
• Regular fit 
• Shoe straps 
• Knitted upper 
• Rubber outsole; Farrell Williams logo on the snow and heel 
 Three- dimensional EVA midsole 
• Socks-like structure
Material Outer: 100% polyester + synthetic leather / lining: 100% polyester / EVA / special compound synthetic rubber