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Battle ground logo embroidered snapback

Brand: CN

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Battle ground logo embroidered snapback

Color: BLACK
This item is 100% genuine.
Do not buy replicas or similar items!

Size: Brim width: 7cm Height: 11.5 cm Circumference: 56~58cm

Handling Precautions

1. Due to the nature of the product material, it may be changed or damaged during washing, so please refrain from washing. 2. If it gets wet, it may change shape and shape. Please dry it in a well-ventilated shade with a newspaper or a dry towel. 3. When the hair band is dirty, please gently wipe it with a damp cloth with a small amount of powdered soap or water. 4. Do not scrape or rub the hat part. 5. Do not place near the fire. 


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