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BTS Love Yourself Album Her random Ver CD


-1 of 4 Version RANDOM
-Photo Card + Mini Book + Sticker Pack + Booklet 
-Poster Out of stock
-LOEN Entertainment
-Provide Tracking Number
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Giveaway! : Please write your expectations about the BTS album below. I will give BTS's new album to 5 people through the lottery. 


-Announcement date: 9.23 (KST)
-Winner: Kelly Z. , Queenie L., Bella A, Edweyza, Maggie
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BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel '起承轉結'




Customer Reviews

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Great experience

well always buy

luvvv it and will buy again from you hope we get discout soon love bts proudact

Toolbox Forever to Come

obviously it was good, but i preorder it when it was first released, but it took 2 months to arrive

BTS MOTS Persona Preorder

There were many hiccups. But first, I would like to mention the good things. People from the cite were quick to email thanking for the purchase. It was very welcoming and I felt comfortable with the sellers. The product arrived in one piece, I was more or less content.

But there were many things that took the wrong turn. First of all, I preordered the BTS albums a month prior , so I was expecting the preorder gift that comes with the album, which I did not receive. At the same time, the site listed that there will also be one unofficial random photocard as a gift, again which I did not receive. I am not to mad about not receiving the unofficial photocard, since I imagine many people ordered for the site all at once. However, I do admit that it was one of the core reasons why I did order from this site. Instead they sent me a tiny paper bookmark. I had many concerns with my product which I emailed the site directly, and although I emailed multiple times, I did not receive a reply back. They also claim they track their packages, which was untrue. Moreover, the site said standard shipping would take 7-10 days, but did not mention it was only if the buyer is in Korea. As an international buyer from Canada, it took one and a half months to get here. It was no different than all the album purchases I made from eBay. If I knew all of this would happen, then I would have not ordered. I could have just bought it from the stores across the road. In the end I did receive my items so I am content, but I wish I knew all this would happen. I may not preorder again, but I may choose to buy albums that are already out as gifts for friends in the future.

Bts purchase

Good no a problem just a little trouble checking the tracking number but everything else was good