Business Prooposal Webtoon Manhwa

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Business Prooposal Webtoon Manhwa : Sanae Majseon

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An ordinary office worker, Hari, goes out to meet her friend on behalf of her friend. But what if the president of the company you work for didn't come out as your opponent, so what if the president insists on getting married? You will be fired the moment you find out that you lied! Tae-moo, who wants to get married, and Hari, who wants to run the company safely, start playing tag games full of thrilling romance... … .

  • Publisher Yeondam
  • Written by Perilla (Gaksaet), Haehwa (original)
  • Picture NARAK
  • Genre Romance
  • Size 148x210mm
  • Language Korean
  • Shipping from South Korea
  • 100% Authentic
  • Made in Korea