LineFriends BT21 Necklace Folding Wallet $32.50 | HALLYU MART

LineFriends BT21 Necklace Folding Wallet

Brand: CN

Tosil Toil Healing Time

This softness of a baby like Tata that comes in the bosom .. What? 
It is warmer than the autumn sunshine ~ 
Leaning on the shoulder of the fuzzy BT21, 
what if you take a break today?

Soft cushion

Mini pillow cushion filled with fine fabric and cotton! 
You can use it as a nap pillow by hugging it in your arms, 
office, and please arrange it as a small point in the living room. Sometimes I feel 
depressed and stressed, and I feel better 
if I continue to patronize my fancy friends .

Material POLYESTER 100%

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