LineFriends BT21 Face Cushion 38cm $29.90 | HALLYU MART

LineFriends BT21 Face Cushion 38cm

Brand: CN

Fighting warm autumn

I do not want to have this in school nowadays. If you leave it on a
hard chair, you can take a nap in your study too! 
Now, do not sit on a cold chair, but with a 
warm cushion.

Cushion with the cover removed

It is a cushion with a soft and big face. It can be placed on the chair, or it can be used when sitting on the floor 

The shape of the face is well maintained, but 
when I sit down with a soft filling, it feels really soft. 
You can open the zipper and remove the cover, you can wash.


Outer: 100% polyester 
Lining: 100% polyester 
Filling: Polyurethane foam 100%

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