Exo - Exology Chapter 1 : The Lost Planet 2CD

Brand: Sm

Exo - Exology Chapter 1 : The Lost Planet 2CD


Disc. 1

01. The Lost Planet
02. Haka
03. Mama_Rearranged
04. Let Out The Beast
05. I'm Lay (Sung By Lay)
06. 월광 (Moonlight)
07. Delight (Performed By Chanyeol)
08. Ni的世界 (Angel)
09. Black Pearl_Rearranged
10. Up Rising (Sung By Chen)
11. Xoxo (Kisses & Hugs)
12. Beat Maker (Performed By Sehun)
13. Love Love Love_Rearranged
14. Thunder
15. Tell Me What Is Love (Sung By D.O.)
16. My Lady
17. My Turn To Cry (Sung By Baekhyun)
18. Baby Don't Cry

Disc. 2

01. Machine
02. Breakin' Machine (Performed By Xiumin)
03. 3.6.5
04. History
05. Beautiful (Sung By Suho)
06. 피터팬 (Peter Pan)
07. Metal (Performed By Tao)
08. Deep Breath (Performed By Kai)
09. 중독 (Overdose)
10. Wolf - The Legend Begins
11. 늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)
12. 으르렁 (Growl)
13. Lucky
14. [Bonus Track] Black Pearl_Concert Rearrangement (Studio Ver.)
15. [Bonus Track] Love Love Love_Acousitc Ver. (Studio Ver.)
16. [Bonus Track] 늑대와 미녀(Wolf)_Stage Ver. (Studio Ver.)
17. [Bonus Track] 으르렁(Growl)_Stage Ver. (Studio Ver.)
18. [Bonus Track] December, 2014 (The Winter's Tale)

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