Line Friends BT21 Desk Accessory Set

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Take care of your desk

can make 
your own space with KOYA's idea desk set interior . 
If you have a wireless keyboard with small figures, a 
waterproof pad, a useful memo board 
and a 
wrist cushion that you want to keep patting, you 
'll come up with a good idea.

How to use the keyboard

1) System support
Win2000 / WinNT4.0 / WinXP 
Win.NET / Win7,8,10 / Mac OS X10.8 

2) How to use
1) Open the battery cover and 
install the AA battery correctly. 
2) After connecting the USB receiver to the computer and the notebook 
, attach the attached magnetic figure to the top of the F1 key.

product composition

1 magnet figure, 1 keyboard, 1 USB receiver, 1 wrist cushion, 1 desk pad, 1 memo board, 8 book markers


• Keyboard: ABS 
• Wrist cushion: Polyester 
• Desk pad: Natural rubber, Waterproof material 
• Monitor Memo board: Memorial board - Acrylic, Paper - Paper



• Keyboard: 298 x 140 x 26.5 mm 
• Wrist cushion: 135 x 110 x 40 mm 
• Desk pad: 780 x 300 x 4 mm 
• Monitor memo board: Memo board - 700 x 300 mm, Memo pad - 52 x 15 mm