Moving Webtoon Manhwa

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Moving Webtoon Manhwa

Bong-seok, who has been able to float in the air since he was a baby, wanted to become a flying superman, but because of his mother's worries, he lives with a sandbag on his ankle. Hee-soo, who has never been sick in her life, gets caught up in a fight with school officials and realizes that she is different, but under the protection of her father, she lives as an ordinary high school girl. Kang Hoon can maximize his physical abilities, but his dad waits for his son in the alley every evening. 『Moving』, which presented fresh academy material for children with superpowers until the first 15 episodes, started an action comic book by dealing with the stories of parents when they were young from the second half of the second part. And the third part, which returns to the present, depicts the struggle of parents to protect their children from unexpected enemies.

  • Publisher Wisdom House
  • Written by Kangfull
  • Picture Kangfull
  • Genre Horror/Thriller
  • Size 148x210mm
  • Language Korean
  • Shipping from South Korea
  • 100% Authentic
  • Made in Korea