Puma Multi Square Backpack Dark Grey 92796101

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SS19 Backpack collection from Puma ready for the new school year. 
Square type unisex backpack. 
- Can be used as a pouch by removing the top pocket from the bag. 
- It is possible to put a small piece in the front mesh pocket to produce a unique look. 
- Can accommodate a variety of water bottles and umbrellas on both side pockets. 
- Stiffening material is put on the bottom of the bag and the backing plate, and the shape is well maintained and stable storage is possible. 
- Comfortable fit using air mesh material on backboard to help ventilation.

Size 31 x 46.5 x 15 (cm)

Material Surface: 67% Nylon, 33% Polyester / Lining: 100% Polyester