Raon with BTS Boardgames

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Raon with BTS Boardgames

A Korean board game that anyone can enjoy easy and fun, Raon with BTS.
You can enjoy four different word-matching games using Hangul-jamo tiles.
Now, have a fun Korean battle with BTS!

- Age 5 or older / 2-4 people / 10 minutes
- You can enjoy various games of Raon with BTS using special components decorated with purple color and BTS symbols, and word cards related to BTS.
- Moti pen interlocking function

Game Rules
1. Raon horizontal and vertical game
- Place the tiles you have horizontally and vertically to create as many words as possible within the time limit.
2. Raon high number game
- Look at the 24 tiles spread out on the table and come up with the word that uses the most tiles.
3. Shout Raon
- When revealing one of the tiles everyone has, the first thing to say is a word that contains both consonants and vowels written on the tiles revealed.
4. Replace Raon Tiles
- Be the first to sound one of the words on the revealed card while exchanging the tile you have for a random tile in the middle of the table.
* Four global rules are included in the product.