Seasons of Blossom Webtoon Manhwa

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Seasons of Blossom Webtoon Manhwa

Bomi Yoon and Jae-min Lee, who have a superior appearance and good personality.
Everyone expects that the two will soon become an official school couple.
However, Bomi finds out that Bomi's best friend, Kang Seon-hee, has a crush on her Jae-min.
In order to protect her friendship, she lies about the fact that she likes Jinyoung Choi, a game fan who has zero presence!
Where is the whereabouts of the dangerous and ticklish couple's behavior that started with a lie?

  • Publisher Jaedam Media
  • Written by Hongdeok
  • Picture NEMONE
  • Genre Romance
  • Size 151x209mm
  • Language Korean
  • Shipping from South Korea
  • 100% Authentic
  • Made in Korea