[Closed] 1st Hallyumart Giveaway -BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes

六月 09, 2017

Hallyumart Giveaway -BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes


puma bog sock




We start the event to give you pleasure by your support. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to join! This event is going to continue in the future. Tell your friends!

-Prize: 1 BTS Puma Bog Sock Shoes
-Value:  US$ 130
-Period: Now ~ June. 16 12:00am (KST)



*How to Win (you can do it!)

1. Join our shop
2. Follow our IG,FB 
3. Share this post to your IG FB or Blog
4. Leave a Comment (require)

Good Luck to you!  Cheers! ^^


It is finally today :)

Hello! Today is the day of the lottery. However, I ordered a lottery machine for a fair lottery today. I think the lottery will arrive on Saturday. so we will extend the period until the lottery machine arrives. Many people are waiting for the lottery, but we have decided for a fair lottery. Please wait a little longer! ^^ Good luck to everyone!

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Congraturations!  Number 26  ( Kimberly )



You have waited a long time.
35 people were submitted for the event.

The first giveaway winner is number 26  kimberly.
Congratulations.!!!! clap! clap! clap

Do not be disappointed if you do not win the event.
Please challenge again next time!

We will also send coupons via e-mail to all those who have applied for the event.

Please continue to participate in our 2th giveaway event
Please love Hallyumart a lot.
Thank you all.



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