[Closed] 2th Giveaway -BTS Puma BOG Sock

[Closed] 2th Giveaway -BTS Puma BOG Sock

六月 20, 2017

2th Giveaway -BTS Puma BOG Sock

2th giveway -kpop bts


Good morning!
how are you? Thank you for visiting the second prize event. This time I increased my prizes a little more than last time. We plan to continue to increase in the future.

1st place:  BTS Puma Shoes White 1 person
2nd place: BTS Birthday Necklace 1ea 3 people
3rd place:  $ 10 Coupon 5 people

How to win:
1.Signup our shop (required)
2.follow our IG, FB (required)
3.Leave a Comment & Share (required)
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-Entry Period: June 27, 2017
-Winner Announced: June 28, 2017 
(The lottery will be announced by Facebook live broadcasting.)
-Lottery method: Lottery machine (STB)

Enjoy with many people! Tell your friend this event!
Do not hesitate! Apply now for our event! Good luck to you!



Lucky Number is 12 

1st Place : 12
2nd Place: 1,2,3
3nd Place: 4,5,6,7,8

I apologize for the delay in lottery.
Next time, we will meet you with a wonderful event. Love it a lot!
Congratulations to the winners once again. Please give me the FB message
I would also like to thank all those who applied. I love you! ^_______^

Idol Fashion  HALLYUMART! 


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